How Not To Have A Tick Encounter

Join us at the Bremen Library on Thursday, May 24th at 7:00 when our featured speaker will be Paula Jackson Jones, president and co-founder of the Mid Coast Lyme and Disease Support & Education group.

The non-profit was formed by two women who had survived Lyme and tick-borne disease and who wanted to forge an easier pathway to resources for others suffering from the disease. From education to physician referrals and support resources, MLDSE is a 24/7/365 year round, all volunteer non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness, foster education, advocate for change and provide support to those afflicted by Lyme.

Paula Jackson Jones is the President and Co-founder and survivor of late stage neurological Lyme disease that was complicated by four co-infections. Misdiagnosed for years by 23 doctors and specialists, she demanded to see a provider who knew more about Lyme, began treatment and is now 4 years in complete remission. She travels all over Maine and New England, sharing her story and helps guide people to much needed resources.

FMI: 529-5572

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